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Due to the rapid pace of chapter 21, there is one really good video on Napoleon that you did not get to see. There is a digial copy of this video on Hulu and I have corresponding video notes. If you watch the video over the break and fill out the video notes, I will give you 10 points extra credit. Not a ton of points, but any extra amount does’t hurt. I am attaching the link to the video and you can pick up the video notes from me tomorrow. The video notes will be due the Monday we return from break (January 7, 2013).!watch/203670



AP Euro Extra Credit Opportunity Over the Break


Good Morning!

We will have our chapter 21 exam on Wednesday, as you know. 2nd period will have the written exam and 6th period will have the multiple choice exam.

2nd period….here are your possible essay choices: 5,8,15. As always, I am in my room at lunch if you would like to come by and talk the history out with me. I am here to help you!

See you soon!

Mrs. Mills

AP Euro Chapter 21 Exam on Wednesday