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Dear 4th Period:

Here are your possible essay questions for the exam on Monday. I will list them by number and you will have to look them up on your EQ sheet. If you have lost your EQ sheet, you need to click on the EQ link and print a copy.

Please study and prepare for the exam. I do not want to read responses that are not well thought out or developed. You need to know specifics details in order to answer whatever question I select for you. I would highly suggest that create a practice outline for each question and study it this weekend! This should not be a late Sunday night activity! Oh course, you may not use any material that you have created at home on the exam. Plagiarism is not tollerated and will result in a zero score.

Let me know if you have any questions… Mills

Possible Essay Questions (by number)

1, 4, 18, 22, 30

Period 4 Possible Essay Questions for Monday’s Exam


Today was our first viewing of this awesome video! You can still come tomorrow from 3-5 in my room.


1. No talking or being distracting

2. No texting

3. You must be on time

4. You will have to complete a small assignment to earn the extra credit

Elizabeth: The Golden Age- Extra Credit Video Viewing!


I found out some more info for all of you if you plan to attend…

1. Located at the University Student Union at Fresno State

2. It will be open this weekend from 9 am to 9 pm

3. It is free to attend, but you may have to pay to park (a couple of dollars in the meter)

4. In order to receive the extra credit, you need to prove that you were there (i.e., take a picture of yourself inside the exhibit, etc.)

5. 25 points extra cedit for World History, 10 points extra credit for AP Euro

More Details About the Holocaust Extra Credit


This weekend there will be a Holocaust exhibit on display at Fresno State’s University Student Union Building (Pavilion Conference Room). If you attend this exhibit and can prove to me that you were there (i.e. picture of you in from of the exhibit, picture with an exhibit worker, ticket or handout, etc.) I will give you extra credit! Based on the description, this exhibit sounds amazing and a great opportunity for you to see some incredible history come to life! I hope you can attend!

Extra Credit for AP Euro and World History


The first person to respond on the blog (by selecting “comment” and providing the answer) to the following question will receive extra credit towards their chapter 13 exam on Tuesday. You need to add your name to the comment as well so I know who you are!

What is the official last name of the current royal family of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Commonwealth- Queen Elizabeth II and her family)?

AP Euro Extra Credit