Kids at Work


Hi Guys!

I hope you are hanging in there…. I am trying to, but it’s hard to be on “bed rest” and actually relax like my doctor has instructed! I think you all have heard what is going on with me, but early Monday morning I started having contractions and this is not good. It’s too early for baby Micah to come, he is still not fully developed. So I had to go to the hospital where they ran a bunch of tests. They are not sure why I started pre-labor, but it is likely from overdoing it these last few weeks. Everything is fine with baby Micah and that is the real blessing! So now I need to take it easy and stay calm for the next few weeks so the baby can continue to grow.

Of course this was all unexpected and I didn’t plan to leave you all before the AP exam….but these sort of things can happen, unfortunately. I feel terrible and so sad that I will not be able to be with you before and on exam day, but you are more prepared than you know! You really have learned everything there is to learn so you need to now just apply it on May 8th!

Here are a few announcements:

1. Starting tomorrow, you will have Ms. Ramirez as your sub through May 11th. She will help you prepare in the last few days before the exam. There will be a gap sub from May 12-14 and then the final sub will arrive. Mr. Pearson will sub for you from May 15th until the end of the year.While the bulk of the class will be over by the time of the AP Exam, you will have one final project that I think you all will have fun with. Do a good job on it so you can earn those final points to boost your grade!

2. The practice AP exam will still continue as planned. Mr. Fong has graciously agreed to administer this exam to all of you as a huge favor to me. It will take place on Friday, May 1st at 3pm in room 729. The test will last until approximately 7pm. Please be prepared for this and let your parents know. You SHOULD NOT be leaving the exam early. Remember that this is the dress rehearsal for the real exam so if you don’t finish it, it will not benefit you in the same way. Take it serious and do your best! Bring food or other snacks because it will be a long testing period. Remember pens and pencils too! Only blue or black ink on the DBQ and FRQs.

3. Your chapter 30/31 exam will now be on Tuesday, May 5th. Your outlines will be due that day as well. I handed out a pink flier last week that gave a list of topics to be prepared for. You will be allowed class time to complete these outlines- please use your time wisely! If you are productive in class, there is a strong possibility that I will instruct Ms. Ramirez to allow you to use your outlines on the test. So….

4. If you finish your outlines early, please bring your AP review book so that you can study in class!

5. There are a few of you that still need to complete the pre-admin session this week. Please make sure you do this! Remember, we will have to wait for you to bubble in all of your stuff on the scantron on May 8th. Not cool!

6. Your t-shirts will be ready a few days before the exam so I will make sure you get yours if you ordered one.

7. Peyton, Eleanor, Cassidy need to make up the chapter 29 exam with Ms. Ramirez at lunch before May 8th. Julia needs to make up the chapter 27 exam.

8. You will be taking your AP exam in room 703 on May 8th at noon. However, you need to be in room 732 no later than 11:10 am- basically you need to check into your 4th period and leave. Mrs. Dedekian will be escorting you over to your exam so you will meet in her room first. Everyone will walk over to the exam together.

9. If you have any questions or you just want to email and say hi, please do!

10. I am so proud of all of you! I will be with you in spirit! Remember to study, study, study over the next week!!!

-Mrs. Mills 🙂

To My AP Kiddos…


I just wanted to let you all know what the final AP Euro shirt will look like for the exam…which is in 3 weeks!!! Yikes!

Anyhow, if you would like to order one, please pay Ms. Nelson $12 no later than May 1st! This is the final order day and it is non-negotiable!

Here is the design… I really love it!!!

APEuro 2012-2013

Shirt Design…Final Draft!